Why Ask Why? – Opinions from an Insane World


Labels.  Who is to say where the line of sanity is drawn?  Why do we in our society label some people as sane, while others are stuck with the label of insane? 

Why are some labelled as criminals, while others good citizens?  What about the man who wrongfully convicted, only to be pardoned after he is already exectued by the system?  What about the criminal who escapes from justice due to a mere technicality of the legal system?  Are these labels correct?  If a man is guilty of a crime and gets away with it, is he really innocent?

Here is an example.  Let’s say that I am a canned goods distributor and I hired you to put labels on my cans. 

Half of the cans have peas in them and half of them have corn in them, but you cannot tell the difference between the two. 

Each row contains different number of cans, and I have to show you where the halfway line is on each row, (the line where peas stop and corn begin) and do not tell you the number of cans in the row (so you can’t simply count). 

You basically have to guesstimate and remember where that halfway line is by sight, however you cannot tell one can from another and are bound to make some mistakes.

How many cans of peas do you think will be mislabeled as corn, and how many cans of corn do you think will be mislabeled as peas?

The answer is too many.

Now think about how many people are wrongfully labelled as something that they are not.  Labels are wrong for our society, and do nothing but perpetuate more hate and distance ourseleves from one another. 

We are all human and we are all flawed.  Our moral codes, systems and institutions are all based on flawed foundations.  We would do well to remember that perfection is not an accomplishment man will ever be able to achieve.  Just like the line that simply never reaches infinity, no matter how much we progress, we will never quite reach that absolute perfection.


Things Shouldn’t Be This Way

Never say that “things shouldn’t be this way“.  Things are as they should be.  To criticize another person’s method of success in our society would be like one ant criticizing another ant’s method of food gathering: pointless. Animals achieve success through empowerment, but it is those few creatures trapped in morality that have the hardest time achieving success.  To survive in this society, one must be willing to run over pedestrians who are in their path of travel, push their grandmothers down a flight of steps to claim their inheritance and/or rob girl scouts at gun point just to satisfy a craving of the munchies. 

Darwin was only half right; it should be survival of the most amoral that leads to fit and powerful.  Lack of morality allows one to achieve financial success beyond the moral masses, and in our society money equals power.  Survival of the fittest. Dollar, dollar billz y’all.  It’s all about the benjamins.


An Impossible Choice

You are given a dozen eggs without a carton and told that you have to deliver them to the next town over. It is important that none of the eggs are broken and that they are delivered on time. Each is equally important as the other.

If you walk with the eggs, it will take you 2 hours to get there and it will be too late.

If you run, you will undoubtedly drop a few eggs, but will get there in time.

You can either choose to run, make it there on time and drop a few eggs, or you can choose to walk, make it there late but with all of the eggs intact.

Which do you choose?  Why?

The impossible choice, a part of our daily conflicting lives.


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