Author – James Marcoff

Author - James Marcoff

Author - James Marcoff

Welcome to the official blog of author James Marcoff.

James is involved in a variety of projects currently, including publishing his first novel, “Moral Darkness”, a tale of loneliness and isolation told through the eyes of someone quite different than the average protagonist.  Troubled since birth, our unknown narrator guides us through a maze of twists and turns as we listen to our protagonist retell his tale of humanity’s destruction.  “Moral Darkness” serves as a cornerstone for Marcoff’s universe, where many of his works are set.  Marcoff is already working on the follow-up series to his debut novel, “The Apocalypse Trilogy”.

Marcoff’s variety in his works make him stand out around many of the authors today who are restricted to one or two genres.  His works include poetry, short stories, children’s books, novels, and novellas.  He has written works of horror, drama, science fiction, fantasy, comedy and romance.

Featured Works Include:

Moral Darkness – A Novel

Apocalypse Trilogy – Book One: “S3K”
unNatural Memories – A Collection of Nature Writings
Quickies – A Collection of Short Stories
Why Ask Why? – Opinions from an Insane World
Tales of a Misspent Youth: A Poetry Collection


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